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All our tutors are native speakers specialized in different academic fields. Our different backgrounds help us provide a quite unique approach to teaching language. We teach with heart and mind and are always open for new experimental ways to work with language, but never lose sight of what's essential to language learners.

- Vu

Vu loves travelling, contemporary art, exhibitions and food. After having lived abroad for a while, from New York to Naples, he worked for some galleries in Berlin as a curator and gallery manager and has constantly pursued his passion for teaching languages. When he's not teaching, he enjoys playing the piano or exploring something new. Currently, he's currently studying Hebrew and Japanese and is fluent in German, English, French, Italian and Vietnamese.

- Hanno

Hanno has worked as a journalist and translator. After years spent alone behind his desk, he decided to re-direct his focus to a job that involves more exchange and interaction with people. Aside from his work as a teacher and his interest in languages, Hanno is very much invested in music: As part of the German-Yemini pop duo Kabreet, he produces music that merges different musical genres and approaches.

- Freya

Freya originally comes from the far north and spent several years in Denmark studying textile design. Today she lives in colourful Kreuzberg and loves flea markets, travelling, knitting, interior design and of course teaching. To her, the best thing about teaching is to meet exciting and great people from all over the world over and over again and to accompany them as they find their language.

- Laura

Laura has been living in Berlin since 2014. She studied German and philosophy at Freie Universität to become a teacher and lived in Bordeaux for almost two years, where she spent her time mixing cocktails while discovering her passion for wine, cheese and DaF teaching. Since her return to Berlin in 2019, she studied the Master German as a foreign language and finished the degree 2021 at Freie Universität.

- Nico

Nico was raised in a polish household, playing the double bass and piano. He gradually discovered his interest in German literature, which later on concluded in his studies of 17th century literature and culture in Lower Silesia. He left academia in 2018 to broaden his horizons regarding music production, Drag, human interactions, meditation and language teaching. He loves to talk with students about the „Matrix”.

- Hannah

Hannah originally comes from the beautiful Ruhr area of Germany. She studied Roman studies and Sociology in Düsseldorf and then moved to Mexico, where she was working as a German and English teacher. In Berlin, she currently studies special education. Hannah has a weakness for food, culture and trance music. She therefore enjoys art exhibitions and can't get enough of Berlin's wide variety of food and music.

- Katja

Katja is a real "Fischkopp" (description for a person from the North) with a great passion for traveling. She has lived and taught German abroad for several years and has since succumbed to Vietnamese food. For Katja, teaching German means conveying a positive image of Germany: "There absolutely has to be laughter in my classes." Otherwise, Katja loves to be by the water or in the forest - especially with her dog Alma. She also likes to be out and about in the jungle or pubs.

- Bettina

Bettina was born in Regensburg. Before she decided to teach German she studied humanities, sold wine, published a children’s book, published a magazine and worked in a library as a lecturer/editor. Language functions like a puzzle and she hopes to help find the right pieces. Her interests include films, books and good food.

- Simone

Simone comes from a small mountain village in the idyllic Steiermark in Austria. She loves films, traveling, theatre & performance and music. After spending time abroad in Amsterdam, Budapest and Mexico City she landed on Berlin, learned to understand the northern German ‘Platt’ dialect and still gets excited today if she confuses the Berliners with her charming Austrian manner. She’s worked as a project manager in visual & performing arts as well as in film production, is immersed in the world of call centres and NGOs and produces beats and rhythms as an ‘Agent of the Everyday’. Favourite food: pumpkin seed oil, Mozart balls (chocolate balls filled with marzipan, nougat and pistachio) and Appenzeller cheese.

- Eva

Eva studied English and French in Innsbruck and was convinced the path of life would take her to the United Kingdom afterwards. However, life had a different script and made her path cross that of her future husband - a Berlin lover. Despite initial culture shock in Berlin of 20+ years, Eva somehow settled in and has adapted the local savior vivre to a certain extent. When she is not busy in her day job in the world of Consular Affairs or preparing German classes, she loves to cook and plan/make trips across Europe. She is very much looking forward to finally introducing the finesse of German humour to her students, especially Loriot.