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When it comes to learning German, there's so many language books available on the market to help assist with your language learning. Here at Transmitter, we have a few tried and true favourites for the various German language learning levels. In this article, we're going to lead you through the books that we use for each language level here at Transmitter, and the reasons behind our choices. 

Overall, we have found that the  Menschen, Schritte and Sicher series, all from the language book publisher Hueber Verlag, have been the most beneficial to our teaching. These series offer different advantages for the specific aims of each German learning level. 

For the beginner German levels (A1) the Menschen series, with its modular system, offers a systematic buildup of vocabulary. Menschen is especially convenient for lower language levels, since this series focuses different word fields connected to our everyday life such as family, groceries, free time or travelling.

Continuing on from the beginner German levels (A2), we use Schritte, which is a series of books that has been conceived in a very different method to Menschen. We use Schritte for the A2 levels, in which we follow Tim's life and adventures with Lara. The teaching in Schritte counts on continuity and narration. This especially makes sense since the students in A2 learn how to talk in contexts, tell little stories in a structure of main and subordinated clauses.

Moving onto the intermediate German levels (B1), your learning will focus again on expanding vocabulary, but this time on more abstract and complex topics, such as history and politics. For this reason, we use the Menschen series again, as its modular system allows a thematic engagement on different topics.

For the higher levels (B2 and C1) we switch yet again, to the series Sicher. The topics and texts in the Sicher books offer various possibilities and occasions for the student to speak. This is important, especially since the higher levels focus on communication. When teaching B2 and C1, we also like to supplement the text and work books with authentic material such as newspaper articles, tv or radio reports. This especially applies to our B2 Conversation Course which work in a very free format - and use no textbook or workbook at all! If you want to know more about our conversation courses, check out them out here.

We hope that's helped to shed some light on how we've come to use the books that we use in our German lessons here at Transmitter!