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Common mistakes in German 

In class, we often come across common mistakes made by our students. We've got a whole list of words and expressions which seem to be particularly tricky for you. So, to help you out, we've made a few fun learning videos which might help you distinguish meanings or memorise words. The short clips in tiktok style deal with language traps, such as translation mistakes, false friends or small differences in pronunciation. 

In this post, we tackle...

the German verb "vermissen"

How do you say „to miss“ in German?

In English, you can use one verb for two situations:

1) We missed our flight to Paris.

2) I miss my parents and friends. 

In German, we use two verbs for those two different situations: „verpassen" & "vermissen"

"Verpassen" means that you missed out on something:

1) Ich habe den Flug nach Paris verpasst.

"Vermissen" means „to miss someone or something“. 

2) Ich vermisse meine Familie und Freunde. 

Check out our learning video in which Laura seems to have a peculiar crush on a bus. Vu was unimpressed - as you can see. 😉❤️

Watch the video here: