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While the world stands still, we cannot help but look back at the wonderful things that we've experienced in these past few years. Not so long ago, our dear friend and teacher Carsten made his first teaching experiences with us. Some of you might remember his first few classes back in 2018.

In the past two years, he took up the challenge to learn new things, headed off to Vietnam, where he plunged into teaching technical language for the Goethe Institut in Saigon, refined his teaching skills in various contexts and settings and will now be heading off up North.

Carsten, who just finished teaching our last B1.2 intensive course via Zoom, will leave Berlin at the end of the month and venture off to teach German at the University of Applied Sciences in Heide.

Looking back, we were curious to learn more about his experiences and sat down for a chat with him:


Transmitter: Carsten, tell us: What's your next challenge? What do you ideally hope for in your new position at your new workplace?

Carsten: I will take a job as a lecturer of German as a foreign language at the University of Applied Science in Heide, a small town North of Hamburg, where I will be helping refugees to improve their German skills and to make sure they are ready for the C1 exam after a two-semester preparatory course. I am looking forward to working with highly motivated students and great new colleagues in an academic environment.


T: Leaving Berlin after so many years must have been a difficult decision. Will you open a new chapter in your life or did you leave a backdoor to come back? :)

C: I will do both. Leaving Berlin after more than 20 years will be a big change of course. Most of my friends live here, so I will keep a room to be able to return whenever I want to see them. 


T: What will you especially miss in Berlin? 

C: I will miss my friends. But unlike Saigon, Hamburg is only a two hours train ride away. 


T: Looking back at your first steps two years ago at Transmitter, could you describe how it felt like to stand in front of a class for the first time? What did you enjoy and what were you maybe worried about?

C: I obviously lacked practical experience, I was super anxious although as a yoga instructor I already had an idea of how teaching felt. Transmitter took away that anxiety. It was a great place to learn about what it actually means to be a good language teacher. 


T: We will be missing you a lot. You've been such a wonderful member of our team, a reliable colleague and a dear friend for us over the years. What did you enjoy most at Transmitter?

C: I will miss the marvelous, supportive team and a working place that feels like home. 



Carsten, we wish you all the best, wonderful adventures, great experiences and a good start in Heide!

Our doors are always open for you - mi casa es tu casa! Enjoy!

And, as always, you can click through to the German version by simply clicking the "de" language option at the top of the screen.