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Since we had such positive feedback on our Telc test interview with Lucía the other day, we are happy our former student Christina took the time to answer a few questions on her German exam as well!

Christina took a B2 Telc exam a few weeks ago. In our interview she shares great tips on the right test preparation, her experiences on the test day itself and why she decided to do a Telc test in the first place.

Some of you might know Christina from out friend's section already. Christina is living and working in Berlin as a performance artist.

If you plan to do a Telc test as well find unseful tips and get an impression below!
Also, our upcoming B2.2 intensive course starting March, 9 might be a good chance to prepare.
Find all details and register here.


Transmitter: Congratulations on your passed B2 exam, Christina! Great news :). We want to use this opportunity and ask an expert like you a few questions about the test and your prepraration for it.
First of all, what test did you do (Telc, TestDaF, DSH) and why did you decided to do this one?

Christina: Thank you! I took the B2 Telc exam. When I was deciding which format to follow, I did a quick internet research to see what best suits my needs. I wanted a degree that is accepted by employers in Germany as well as a language degree that is  recognised by universities. I would advise everyone to make a small research to see what best fits their needs.


Transmitter: How and where did you apply for the test? What were the costs for it?

Christina:Through the website I found an examination center in Berlin, booked a date and payed 122 € including a preparation course for the exam.


Transmitter: How exactly and for how long did you prepare for the test? What would you recommend regarding the preparation? And what not maybe?

Christina: So, in my case, I have taken the exam twice. The first time I was too nervous and didn’t manage my time well enough. So that’s definitely a Don’t! I would say you need two months before the exam, just to revise. I would suggest that you find books to prepare for the exams and do as many exercises as possible. One week before the exam I did only mock exams (you can find some for free on the internet) and timed myself as if I was taking an exam in real time. This is very useful as you can practice your time management skills and practice on the parts you are not so good at. I find that when you do exercises like that, you train your brain to get into a sort of automatic mode which helps you to feel more confident. Also, I believe you should try to write as many essays as possible! That way you don’t only practice your writing but also your grammar skills.


Transmitter: How was the procedure of the test itself?

Chrisitna: The procedure is simple and there are different parts. The most stressful thing is the time, you are given just enough time to complete the parts. Personally I was very nervous but if you feel confident in your revising you just keep going!


Transmitter: Is there a specific reason you did the test?

Chrisitna: Since I don’t plan leaving Berlin anytime soon, I wanted to be part of not only Berlin but also Germany. I wanted to feel more confident handling everyday conversations and communicating effectively at common services e.g. the post office, bank etc. I also wanted to have an official document that is recognised by employers. 


Transmitter: Apart from learning German what do you do in Berlin? And since when do you live in Berlin?

Christina: I am a professional performer and performance maker. I’ve studied Theatre Studies in Greece and have been working and living in Berlin since 2017. Besides that, I like to play music with my band and cook a lot. 


Transmitter: What difference does it make to you living here and speaking German properly?

Christina: I feel more confident especially in everyday situations and I don’t have to immediately ask to switch it into English! I can also make more German friends now! Most people are patient with me, haha!


Transmitter: And last but not least: Whats your secret tip for Berlin? Do you have a favourite place or thing to do?

Christina: Besides going to galleries and all the amazing theatre venues, I love love food and I especially enjoy the lovely bakeries around the city. I especially like finding traditional bakeries as well as bio and trendier bakeries. One of my favourites is Bekarei located in Prenzlauer Berg.


Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing your experiences with us, Christina! We are very proud of you and your great progress! <3