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Kirstie is the newest addition to our team. We’ve known her for quite a while now, as she’s taken classes with us on and off since she first moved to Berlin. We even remember when she joined our A1.1 course for beginners, two years ago! She’s currently taking a B2.1 class with Freya and working in our office.

Transmitter: Tell us a little something about yourself. Where are you from and how long have you lived in Berlin? 

Kirstie: I'm from Australia, and have been living in Berlin for just over two years. Before I moved to Berlin, I was living in London and New York.

T: You’ve taken classes with us for a while now. What do you especially enjoy about Transmitter and/or our classes? 

K: I enjoy the interactivity of the classes and doing more than just working directly from the books. It often happens that most of the group you're with will continue on to the next levels, so you usually have familiar and friendly faces in your classes. 

T: Some of our students might know you from our classes. Others might have seen you work with us in the office. What do you take care of at Transmitter? 

K: I take care of most of the social media, as well as writing, editing and translating written materials for the website, newsletter, among other things.

T: Is there something that you particulary enjoy or would like to learn more about? 

K: I'm enjoying being able to express myself a little easier in German now than I was able to two years ago - though there's still a long way to go. I like learning colloquialisms and those combination words that seem to only make sense in German. 

T: It’s been such a pleasure working with you. For us, it feels totally organic to work with someone who also knows our classes. Does it help you for your research or writing jobs that you know the classes from inside? 

K: I do feel quite comfortable and familiar with Transmitter, as I've been attending classes here ever since I first moved to Berlin and have met several of my friends through classes. I suppose it would help as I understand quite well now how the course format works, and the common problems that students face, as I probably face them more often than most!

T: You have come a long way from A1 to B2. What advice would you give someone in a beginners class? What should they focus on? Or what would make their life easier later on? 

K: Don't put too much pressure on yourself to understand things straight away, it eventually makes sense with time and practice! It definitely helps to consume various media in German (I recommend TV shows like Tatort and reading novels with parallel translations) and, if you have time, find a tandem partner :)

T: Many thanks for the interview! 

K: Thanks! Bis bald!