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Nicola Bullock is a dancer, choreographer, visual artist, and performance artist, who has moved to Berlin from the US in 2018. Nicola describes her work as "interdisciplinary", since she collaborates with artists from various cultural fields like theater, music, and film and with a very broad approach in form and content. Her work is based on her interest in what she describes as the "blurred lines of psychology, sociology, performance, and our personal lives" and draws inspiration from the movements of animals and small children and other influences. 

Nicola has been studying with us since summer 2018. In our short interview she talks about the things she enjoys about living in Berlin, as well as what makes living here difficult. She also told us why she finds it important to learn the German language when living in the city. 

Could you give us a short introduction, where you are from, what you do, how you ended up here? 

I'm from North Carolina. I lived there for 18 years, moved to NYC for 8 years, and was back in NC near my family for another 7 years before coming to Berlin summer 2016. I am an artist, and I wanted to come to Berlin because there's so much amazing art happening here to experience, learn from, and hopefully contribute to! 

What's your favorite thing about Berlin?

My favorite thing about Berlin is the cemeteries. They are extremely well-maintained and cared for by groundskeepers and also, it seems, loved ones, and they are such a hodgepodge of lives from different time periods, and also a visual jigsaw puzzles of graves, tombs, and mausoleums. 

Your least favorite thing about living here?

I find the most difficult thing (other than the language!) is figuring out how to make a living here as an artist. Also, there is so much paperwork just to be able to stay in the country!

What's your biggest tip to feel at home in Berlin?

Feeling at home in Berlin (to me) is about doing ordinary, everyday things as opposed to "Berlin" things- such as taking walks to get to know your neighborhoods, having friends over for dinner, and lying around in Tempelhofer Feld on a sunny day with the rest of the city (okay that's a very "Berlin" thing!)

Lots of people say that you don’t need German to get by in Berlin. Why did you chose to learn it?  What is your personal motivation?

I chose to learn German because I wanted to connect with German speakers. As a pleasant surprise, I have found that a little bit of speaking German goes a long way with native German speakers! And taking German courses and going to Sprach-Cafés has opened up a very different part of the Berlin population to me - specifically, the people who have to learn German in order to stay and work here. People I wouldn't otherwise meet!

Any advice to newcomers?

Go to Transmitter!!!

Thank you, Nicola!

More of Nicola's work on her website!