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Next in our Students of Transmitter series is... Saki! Saki has been a student at Transmitter since summer of 2019 but will forever be a part of the school, since her beautiful illustrations adorn our classroom walls! Saki is a successful painter and illustrator from Japan, and you can learn more about her below.

And, as always, you can click through to the German version by simply clicking the "de" language option at the top of the screen.

Transmitter: Saki, can you please introduce yourself?

Saki: Hi! I am a painter and illustrator, I also currently work as an artist’s assistant. And I come from Japan.

T: What inspired you to move to Berlin and how long have you been here now?

S: I’ve been living in Berlin since July 2019! The reason for my move here was two trips to Germany when I was a student.

When I visited different cities in Germany I really enjoyed it, since I’m very interested in German culture and there’s so many good museums and galleries. From there I have longed for a long time to live in Germany.

Now I’ve been living for Berlin for nine months. I still need to master some situations that I’ve not experienced in Japan, but I’m very happy to be living here!

T: What’s your favourite spot in Berlin? What would you recommend?

S: That’s Treptower Park! My favourite singer has sung there over some Sundays in the summer. 

Many people sit with drinks and food on the grass to hear her sing. The faces of the people that heard her sing were so happy! That was such a nice sight, therefore my favourite spot is Treptower Park.

T: You’ve been at Transmitter for a while now. What do you like about the German language?

S: I believe that German is like maths, because there’s so many rules in German! I’m not that good at maths, so I also find it a bit hard to learn German. But it’s fun, because I’m learning at Transmitter! My German sometimes seems like points in a landscape; there’s so much to learn. But right now, if the points become a line, it makes the learning much, much  more fun! I learn more because I want to speak more German with other people!

T: And what do you enjoy about Transmitter?

S: The teachers at Transmitter are very nice and humorous and work happily.  Anyone can learn German in a friendly environment at Transmitter. It was really lucky, that I had my first lesson in Berlin with Vu! Outside of that, I was surprised when I heard that Transmitter also held small exhibitions. I participated in the last exhibition. That was a nice memory and I am really pleased that I learn in the same classrooms that my pictures are hung up in. I learn not just German, but also culture and humour. I think that Transmitter is a unique school. I’m happy that I chose Transmitter!

T: Can you tell us a bit about your illustration practice in Tokyo? How long have you worked as an illustrator? What has been your favourite project?

S: in Tokyo I worked for five years as a painter and illustrator and was an assistant at an art school at the same time.

My favourite project was for a shopping centre in Tokyo called Shibuya Hikarie. I painted some illustrations for a campaign in Hikarie. My illustrations were then made into huge posters and animations to be seen in trains and train stations! When I saw them, I was so proud of myself. That was the most beautiful sight of my life! I hope that I can also make some good projects in Berlin!

Thank you, Saki! You can see more of Saki's work by visiting her website here.