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We love our students here at Transmitter! So much so, that we wanted to showcase some of our regulars in a new series. To kick off the series, we're meeting Carson: one of Vu's B2.2 students, who has been taking regular classes with us since she was in A1.2!  Kirstie asked some questions so that we could learn more about Carson and what she's like outside of class!

Hi Carson! Can you please briefly introduce yourself?
Hi Kirstie! I moved to Berlin at the beginning of March 2019, having never visited the city before, so I'm still very new here. I'm a graphic designer, but have been studying German since a couple of months after I arrived and settled into the city. I spent my first few months getting to know the city and meeting people, then discovered Transmitter and the rest is history!

Why did you move to Berlin/What inspired you to move here?
I spent the summer of 2018 travelling through Europe and ended up falling in love with Vienna (sorry, Berlin!). Once I returned home to Canada, I planned to move to Austria with the aim of absorbing a culture that would impact my design style through immersing myself in the art and everyday objects that are so different from my home country. At this point, my parents' German neighbour intervened and told me, "You must absolutely move to Berlin instead"... clearly he was very convincing! I did some research and ended up deciding that despite never having visited the city, I was going to take the risk.

Where are you from? In what ways is Berlin different to your home city?
I'm from Vancouver, Canada. I consider Berlin to be very different from my home city. Vancouver is a really small city and having spent most of my life there, it feels even smaller. It's on the West Coast of Canada and we have a lot of nature within close proximity: the beach and nearest mountain are 30 minutes apart, so you're mostly either on the mountain or in the water. I would say that Berlin and Vancouver are similar in the sense that they both attract an international community. I appreciate how everyone loves to spend time outdoors in Berlin as well. The weather in both cities isn't too drastically different either, although I have enjoyed relief from the constant rain in Vancouver! I'm sure the longer I live in Berlin the differences and similarities will become a lot more apparent.

Can you give us some recommendations on things to do here in Berlin?
My ideal day in Berlin would probably involve a visit to the Berlinische Galerie, then beers somewhere along the Landwehr Kanal, ending with a barbecue or picnic in one of the many parks.

How long have you been learning German for now?
I started at Transmitter at the end of May 2019, so not that long, although it does feel like it's been a long arduous journey, haha.

What do you like about learning the language?
I think German is a beautiful language. I love sitting next to native speakers at a cafe and listening to how fluidly they speak. When I first started studying, I found grammar impossible to understand and loved practising all the vocabulary I was learning. At some point around B1.2, everything switched and now grammar is my favourite.

What do you like about learning at Transmitter?
Transmitter is a really special place because of the people that work there. I've had the pleasure of having Vu as my teacher for the majority of my journey, but have also taken grammar courses with Hanno and a few private lessons with Simone and Bettina. I have always felt that Vu is invested in me as a student and a person. He supports all of the students in achieving their personal goals and will always greet you enthusiastically whenever you arrive. I have experienced and witnessed him counsel myself and other students on their learning journey and how best to conquer their concerns, fears and struggles. Thanks, Vu! The unique undercurrent of creativity at Transmitter also really adds to the experience and the community feel.

What advice do you have for your fellow learners?
Don't lose hope and trust your teacher!

Thanks so much for your wonderful words, Carson! We're so happy to have you in class!