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Did you know: we have a Konversationskurs/Conversation Course here at Transmitter for the B2 level, which we hold 2 evenings a week? Now that you know that, why would you register for it? Read on…

  1. You can talk about whatever you like, in a supportive environment
    While we have a strong focus on speaking in our regular intensive and evening courses here at Transmitter, it’s often based on topics that are set by the books we use here or by the teachers beforehand. In our Conversation Course, you’re free to talk about whatever you like, whether it’s a book you read, something you saw on the street - as long as it’s something that you can discuss with your peers, it can be brought up in class.
  2. Build your vocabulary on topics that interest you
    Interested in art, politics, fashion, food? You can talk about these things in class and expand your vocabulary of the technical aspects of your interests.
  3. Enhance your experience of intensive courses
    We’ve had many students taking classes at the B2/C1 level who also take the Conversation Course and have had positive experiences combining the two, because the information you’ve gained during class remains fresh in your mind when the time comes to apply it! If you have the time and the motivation, it’s a good consideration.
  4. Focus more on speaking and less on grammar
    During class, it’s easy to have grammar tunnel vision, which has its pros and cons! Sometimes it’s good to forget about it altogether and instead just work on ideas. It’s okay to make mistakes, and you can still ask questions about grammar - but it’s not the main focus here.
  5. Gain confidence
    It’s important for us here to help build your confidence as a German speaker - not just to be functional in society here in Berlin, but also to be an active participant. The Conversation Course helps you achieve exactly what its name suggests - conversations in German! It’s the difference between repeating known sentences and being able to clearly articulate your thoughts.

Now that you have your reasons to join us, why not register for the next Conversation Course, starting Tuesday, the 26th of November! We look forward to seeing you!