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We at Transmitter believe that language learning should be fun and communicative to be effective. This is why we try to create a familiar atmosphere where students and teachers feel comfortable with each other. Our teachers will always try to encourage you to use the language in context and participate actively in class in order to achieve the best possible learning results. 


Our intensive courses are the perfect choice for you if you're looking for daily classes and would like to get a grip of the language as fast as possible. We recommend signing up for an intensive course if you need a comprehensive, thoroughgoing class with a fast-paced plan. Each course covers 48 units (1 unit is 45 minutes) so that you can finish a level (e.g. A2.1) within 4 weeks.  Our classes are progressive which means that you can take a class in one month and sign up for the follow-up class in the month after that. Also, the classes tend to take place in the same time slot every month so that it’s easier for our students to plan their work schedules. 

Main: 48 units per month, runs over 4 weeks

Ideal: for people who want to take tests or want to advance quickly

Check out our schedule and register for an intensive course here.


Our evening courses are ideal for those of you who work during the day or cannot commit to coming to class everyday because of their work or family situation. If you're a freelancer or have a nine-to-five job, your time to study the language is limited. So we recommend an extensive course with a more relaxed pacing to learn long-term. Our evening classes cover 16 units per 4 weeks or 24 units per 6 weeks, depending on the class. Normally, evening classes are extensive, meaning that a course level can usually be covered within 48 units (2 - 3 months, depending on the class). 

Main: 16 - 24 units per month, runs over 2 - 3 months

Ideal: for people who work during the day

Check out our schedule and register for an evening course here.


For a lot of students, speaking doesn't come easy. You might recognise the following situation: You can fill out grammar exercises and have a fairly good command of the language - in theory - but totally feel like you need to speak more in order to improve your communication skills. In that case, our conversation class is undoubtedly the wisest choice. In this class, you'll read news paper articles, discuss current things and do little presentations. The main focus in this class is your oral expression. Grammar only plays a minor role, but of course, your teachers will always correct you and help you find the right words! 

The conversation class takes place two times per week covering 16 units per month. The class is quite flexible, so you can sign up for let's say two classes in a row, take a break for a month and come back later. 

Main: Evening course, 16 units per month, very flexible

Ideal: for people who would like to work on their speaking skills.

Check out our schedule and register for our next conversation course here.


Even in higher levels like B1 or B2, a lot of students have a hard time dealing with very fundamental grammar of the German language. This special class covers basic grammar concepts from Akkusativ and Dativ to pronouns, word order, declensions of adjectives, determination of articles and so on. It is meant for people who have already finished B1 (or are currently taking a B1 or B2 level) and feel like they need more explanations and training to fill their gaps. This is our only class taught in English and German. There are only few speaking activities or games - the class focuses on working on your grammar skills. Each lesson will cover another unit of the levels A2 to B1 and the group will go over topics that are somehow familiar but still need to become more clear. The course takes place once per week and runs over 6 weeks. 

Main: Morning course, once per week, 6 weeks, 3 units per session, 

Ideal: for people who already finished B1 (or are currently taking a B1 or B2 level) and feel like they need to strengthen their grammar skills

Check out our schedule and register for our next grammar course here.

Find out more about our levels and teachers here

STUDYING WITH US MEANS..'ll get everything you need to learn the language in a familiar and relaxed environment.

Here's what's included in the course fee: 

  • High quality lessons by professional tutors
  • Small groups of 5 - 11 students
  • Experienced and certified teachers
  • Carefully selected teaching materials
  • A certificate of participation
  • A variety of different courses to suit your schedule and needs
  • Modern & interactive teaching techniques
  • Regular events such as our Stammtisch or job counselling event
  • Personal consultation for tests
  • Excellent student-teacher relations
  • NO hidden registration fees
  • and of course free cookies and tea! 

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